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Artisan Contractors

An “artisan contractor” performs skilled work on a customer’s property, including HVAC installations and maintenance, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, flooring installers, painters, commercial builders, excavators, roofers, landscapers, and others who may be contracted to perform work on a property. Artisan contractors must be insured to avoid risks.

Artisan Contractor Insurance

Any artisan contractor should carry insurance to protect against serious financial losses should a customer or worker file a claim. The insurances needed include:

  • General liability insurance: If a client or customer files a claim related to the work performed, it is essential that an artisan contractor is covered with adequate liability insurance.
  • Commercial auto insurance: The vehicles used in performing work tasks should be covered by commercial auto insurance. Should a vehicle used in the work be involved in an accident, without this insurance the artisan contractor could be the target of a lawsuit filed against the individual personally.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance: The number of workers on your team may require an artisan contractor to have workers’ compensation insurance. State laws vary on the number of workers that require this coverage. Once in place, should a worker be injured, the medical care they need is covered, along with a percentage of lost wages and other benefits.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance: For an added layer of insurance protection, an artisan contractor should have commercial umbrella insurance. This insurance can help pay for any costs that go beyond the listed liability policy limits.

For artisan contractor insurance coverage, speak to your local insurance agent, who can put together a package of insurance that makes the most sense for your work.

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