Where You Can Find The Best Car Insurance?


Who has the best car insurance? Where Can I Find Cheap Car Insurance?


Good things are not cheap & cheap things are not good. If you see or hear the same Auto Insurers advertising to you daily through TV, Radio, Online, etc, it is understandable that you have been conditioned to seek cheap car insurance. That however, doesn’t mean it is the right choice & in many cases you will get burned by buying the cheapest options on the market.

We consult with clients everyday reviewing their plans & making recommendations as appropriate. Our findings are that most insurance plans bought online are grossly misaligned with the client’s goals & needs. Unbeknownst to the buyer, most people who purchase insurance online are  sold the minimum liability coverage requirements in the state. The limits are so low in most states that in the majority of cases, if the insured caused an accident they would be bankrupted by the cost of the injury they caused another driver! Clients that buy cheap insurance online are also not advised on medical expense benefits, often times carry high deductibles without being aware of it and have low limits on roadside service/rental car coverage. It is not uncommon that we hear stories of clients who bought cheap insurance online that had claims denied because they excluded other household drivers or their claims were settled with after-market parts, causing their vehicle’s value to depreciate. All of these signs indicate that the agent whom sold the policy had no desire to work in their best interests. The client may not be aware of what they bought until they have a serious accident and then are surprised to learn their plan is much different than they thought. This is why drivers in Northern VA, Maryland & DC should have a local insurance agent that can be a strategic partner for them and help them avoid mistakes at all costs possible.

Not only are consumers buying insurance that is not suitable for them, they are wasting time online trying to figure it out. As your local insurance broker, our independent agents have access to over 12+ A-Rated Insurance Carriers that can provide proposals based on your needs. We know their reputation for claims handling & customer service as well. Leave it to the experts and call today for a quote!

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