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Tag: Restaurant Insurance

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Insurance

If you own a restaurant, you know the importance of carrying the right insurance to protect your investment. It can be challenging to choose the best possible business insurance policy for your restaurant, and we are here to help. Read these tips about restaurant insurance to help avoid a financial disaster if something goes wrong. Risk Factors Specific to the Restaurant Business A restaurant has...

FAQs By Small Business Owners About Restaurant Insurance

What Is Restaurant Insurance? What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover? Restaurant Insurance is a type of Business Insurance designed to protect the owner and patrons of restaurant from general liability (e.g slip and falls, liquor liability, completed products liability) that will also cover business property & expensive equipment owned or leased by the restaurant. These are typically referred to as BOP Insurance (Business Owner’s Policy). In...

What Makes Restaurant Insurance Different From Other Business Insurance?

No matter how hard you work to ensure everything goes smoothly, problems can and do arise in a restaurant. Restaurant owners have exposure to a wide range of risks that make them vulnerable to liability and financial loss. Restaurant insurance is different from other types of business insurance as it is designed to address the unique risks faced by business owners in the foodservice industry....

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