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Tag: Condo Insurance

Millennials and Home Insurance

More millennials are buying homes these days, as opposed to renting. By the end of 2018, this generation represented 45% of all new home mortgages, as stated in a Housing Wire article. One thing is certain, whether renting or purchasing a condo or a house, millennials need home insurance to protect them against damage to or loss of their property and against liability. Renters Insurance Your...

Understanding HO-6 Insurance For The New Condo Or Co-Op Buyer

If you are interested to purchase a Condo in Northern VA or Co-Op In The Washington DC Metro area, read below for helpful tips on what you need to know about condo insurance: What is HO-6 Insurance? 1) HO-6 Insurance refers to an industry-wide insurance form that covers Condominium & Co-Op units in a way that complements the Master Insurance Policy purchased by the Condo...

How Is Condo Insurance Different From Homeowners Insurance?

Whether the space you live in is a condo or a house, if you own your own home, you need insurance. Property owners are responsible not only for what happens to their property, but also for what happens to visitors on the premises. However, a condo is not the same type of structure as a house, and there are key differences between homeowners insurance and...

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