FAQs By Small Business Owners About Restaurant Insurance


Everything You Need To Know About Restaurant Insurance


What Is Restaurant Insurance? What Does Restaurant Insurance Cover?

Restaurant Insurance is a type of Business Insurance designed to protect the owner and patrons of restaurant from general liability (e.g slip and falls, liquor liability, completed products liability) that will also cover business property & expensive equipment owned or leased by the restaurant. These are typically referred to as BOP Insurance (Business Owner’s Policy).


In addition the owner can protect against loss of income if there is an unexpected event that shuts down their operations. The owner of that restaurant may have a need for Commercial Auto Insurance if they have vehicles registered to their business for catering, delivery or hauling food supplies. If the restaurant or cafe or bar has employees, then they will want to discuss securing worker’s compensation insurance to protect their employees from work-related injuries as well as comply with statutory labor laws.

How Much Is Restaurant Insurance?

This will depend on a variety of factors including gross sales, number of years in business, number of employees, how many locations in operation, amount of business equipment or product inventory, whether or not the business serves alcohol on premises, what kind of food preparation methods exist (deep fryer, open grill, etc) and the claims history of the owner of that restaurant. If you would like one of our local insurance brokers to prepare a quote for you call us at 703-430-1200 today!

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